Ode to Empty Facade

December 16, 2014

By Nazanin Ghodrati

Nobody noticed the empty facade
But it still stood tall
It was much emptier that you thought
And the most deceptive of all

The lonely facade, once full and booming
Is now just swallowed
It must have taken eons of destruction
For it to become hollowed

Oh no, it was always too empty
Standing carelessly tall
Much too hollow all this time
And the most deceptive of all.

Nazanin Ghodrati is an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) lecturer. Her literary interests are in Gothic, horror and absurdist fiction, as well as in confessional poetry.

One Response to “Ode to Empty Facade”

  1. […] that is often taken for granted and thereby left unseen. In her poems, Wings of Promised Chain and Ode to Empty Facade, Nazanin expresses one’s internal bid to grapple with the imposed realities of the external […]

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