Wings of Promised Chain

December 16, 2014

By Nazanin Ghodrati

Photographed by Marco Monetti

Photographed by Marco Monetti

He slept with bombs exploding in his head
Singing quietly what his mother had said
Of a sunny world that would take his hand
Alas he didn’t know it was No Man’s Land

He voyaged far on tears of many souls
Scratched by wooden daggers that gradually unfold
Though his heart was weakened by every single blow
Thoughts of the sunny world made his weary eyes glow

Now he’s standing on the rocky shores
No welcome sign on these wide-open doors
And yet he has to fly on wings of promised chain
Nothing’s there for him but pain pain pain.

Nazanin Ghodrati is an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) lecturer. Her literary interests are in Gothic, horror and absurdist fiction, as well as in confessional poetry.

One Response to “Wings of Promised Chain”

  1. […] fragmented moment of beauty that is often taken for granted and thereby left unseen. In her poems, Wings of Promised Chain and Ode to Empty Facade, Nazanin expresses one’s internal bid to grapple with the imposed […]

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