October 20, 2015

Written by Talitha Fraser


learning to love is messy and painful and oh how i

want to be free/ free to be me/ or perhaps someone

else/ off the shelf/ will do/ for you i can’t

remember who/ it is exactly that I am trying to

please/ freeze/ hold it right there, that’s the

perfect shot/ but now the light has changed

and we’ve got to change our location/ altogether

now/ how is it that no one warned me this

was going to take work?/ Jerk me/ around

for dinner tonight? / A frightful mess/ rest of

my life with you/ I’m so confused it’s true/

have we made any/ progress payment due in two

weeks/ sweet for the sweet/ heart don’t take on

so/ feeling low? / I think you should go/ not

without me/ can’t you see/ understand me/

just throw the Frisbee/ I will catch/



One Response to “Untitled”

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