Fragments in the dreaming

October 15, 2016

Written by Talitha Fraser


Photo by Talitha Fraser

Fragments in the dreaming
Skittish across the landscape of my mind
some disparate thoughts slow
go side by side, mismatched a way
sometimes they chase each other
along and around – chasing, racing
and I am there with my
reins of reason to draw them in
I seek rest, a blank unknowing
and have instead this kaleidoscope
of people, stories, ideas, words…
I seek to, and do, resist it
but sometimes, rarely, I join the
Dance and explore a terrain
both fearsome and wondrous.


Talitha Fraser works bivocationally as the Administrative Assistant to the Residential College team at Trinity and as a contemplative theopoetics-dabbler living in community with asylum seekers and refugees at Footscray Salvos Outreach. Her poetry and reflections can be found at


One Response to “Fragments in the dreaming”

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