Legion of Despair

October 15, 2016

Written by Negin Ghodrati


by Negin Ghodrati


The hums of drums in our ears
We rush into the distant battlefields
With our meager bodies wandering around
Amid the frozen moors of broken dreams
We are put in lines, we are marching forth
The war is upon us, we then blow our horns
As the horns moan their ashen sighs
We raise our swords of dust into the skies
Praying the “Lord of Death” to take us far
Far away from these filthy fields of lies
We crawl and moan, we cry and scream
The battle shall begin soon indeed
We are the legion of corpses, the horde of worms
We creep and crawl, we blow our horns
We march together to our ancient battlefield
Where we lay our rotten bodies on the ground
We shall be buried in the ashes of our hopes
Waiting eternally for our imaginary foes.


Negin Ghodrati is a Master of Arts graduate in English Literature from the University of Oslo. Her primary interests include any work done on the subjects of “the unknown” and “cosmic horror.” Her Master’s thesis focused on the creation, evolution and aftermath of Lovecraftian horror wherein an academic effort was made to further familiarise the reader with H. P. Lovecraft and his grotesquely sublime universe of horror.


One Response to “Legion of Despair”

  1. […] the concept of ‘weirdness’ and anti-conventionality, Negin Ghodrati in Let Them Believe, Legion of Despair and the accompanying illustrations presents whispers and vistas portraying post-apocalyptic […]

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