Let Them Believe

October 15, 2016

Written by Negin Ghodrati


by Negin Ghodrati

Laugh at me with that amorphous mouth
Let me see once again what you’re truly made of
Look into my deep, tenebrous eyes
Come entertain me with thy iridescent lies
Speak of those who “illuminate and shine”
But sweetest, there is no darkness more abhorrent than thine.
Allow me to send this stealthy shiver down thy spine:
Imparting my wisdom of the real light, of thy supposed “divine”
Stand right there, stand with that menial grin
Keep on believing that thy ominous face would make me fear
But sweetest, there is some noxious news for you right there:
I shall fear no more, I shall not shed one single tear.
When the night befalls and the gibbous moon prevails
Let us both look into what this little tune entails
Let us keep pretending that you do know and I do not
Let us live eternally behind this abominable veil.


Negin Ghodrati is a Master of Arts graduate in English Literature from the University of Oslo. Her primary interests include any work done on the subjects of “the unknown” and “cosmic horror.” Her Master’s thesis focused on the creation, evolution and aftermath of Lovecraftian horror wherein an academic effort was made to further familiarise the reader with H. P. Lovecraft and his grotesquely sublime universe of horror.


One Response to “Let Them Believe”

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